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Traveling safely by coach in Italy

safety traveling by coach

The luxury coach is one of the most reliable means of transport, passengers can travel safely and comfortably seated in armchairs taking advantage of the comfort on board as the use of footstools, folding tables, luggage nets, personalized adjustment of lights and ventilation of their own seats.

Thanks to continuous innovations of the manufacturers, many security systems are now standard, as the Anti-lock System and Vehicle Stability Control, which allow a greater roadholding at the coach in dangerous situations such as sudden braking, greatly reducing the risks in case of accidents.

There are many optionals to increase security, such as help in case of windy side, the distance detector, anti-skid system, speed limiter, parking assist and many more.

Care and maintenance of the bus

A continuous and constant maintenance of the vehicle is very important: we must always ensure the right levels of oil and various liquids, check the operation of lights, brakes, clutch, tire pressure and wear, etc. and we need a proper cleaning of glasses that allows maximum visibility to the driver while driving.

With summer temperatures, in order to travel with maximum comfort even during the hottest hours, it is essential to have an air conditioning system fully functional and also cured with a costant maintenance of filters to maximize the air quality on board.

The driver contributes greatly to the safety of the bus, he should be concentrated in the performance of his service, in order to move better in the traffic and to avoid collisions or other type of danger on the road: an his correct reaction is as important as the technical equipment of the vehicle.

How to maximize safety

The manufacturers are studying new solutions to reduce damage in case of an accident, as a bodywork more robust, partitions walls and support bars, indoors seats to cushion the impact, etc., But to avoid serious consequences is also important to keep a right behavior, as fasten their seat belts and not getting up when the vehicle is in motion.

Another important factor is that you have to avoid distracting the driver while driving with constant demands for change CDs or DVDs, which on the contrary can be made during a stopover or before departure.