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Regulation 2019 of LTZ permits for tourist buses in Rome

The company Noleggio Bus Roma Srl is specialized in coach hire, so it is important to be always updated about the new regulations for the circulation in the limited traffic areas.

Below we inform our customers about the new Coach Plan in Rome effective from 1st January 2019.

Anyone who needs further information on this subject can contact the company Roma Servizi per la Mobilità S.r.l. that is responsible for issuing authorizations.

The regulation in force imposes to tourist buses to purchase the LTZ permit in order to access into limited traffic areas of Rome.

The main changes compared to the previous year are as follows:

map LTZ rome

  1. subdivision in 3 LTZ BUS areas: A (periphery), B (city center), C (historical center), active every day including holidays;
  2. No access for tourist coaches in the LTZ C with special exceptions only for primary school groups and transfers to hotels with over 40 rooms, with a limit of 30 vehicles per day;
  3. Limited number of daily stops in Colosseum and Vatican areas;
  4. New multi-entry cards (online purchase only) will replace the annual passes, keeping the possibility of issuing daily permits.

Anti-pollution regulations

According to the new Tourist Bus Plan, for the circulation in Rome within the GRA it is necessary to respect the following anti-pollution regulations:

  1. Access not allowed for tourist buses Euro 0, 1, 2, and 3 that are not in possession of the DPF (Diesel Particulated Filter)
  2. Access not allowed also for tourist buses E2-DPF;
  3. From 1st January 2021: Access will also be forbidden to the E3-DPF and E4 Buses.

Administrative sanctions

Coaches without permit can't enter the LTZs of Rome, otherwise there will be an administrative penalty for both the driver and the owner of the vehicle.

There are penalties for transgressors in case of forgery, improper use of the permit, stops outside authorized areas provided for by regulation or out of validity time, failure to comply with the anti-pollution regulations, violations in general to what is in force by the current legislation and the Highway Code.

Types of LTZ permits in Rome

LTZ permits needed to circulate in Rome are valid for one day (up to 24.00) and can be requested online on the official website of Roma Mobilità after accreditation by the company or issued directly at the check-point.

The LTZ permit must be printed and placed in front of the bus, it will indicate the type of LTZ, the license plate of the vehicle, the coach company name and the date of validity.

Buses bound to Vatican City State with the invitation of the Vicariate of Rome do not require the issuance of the LTZ permit. In case of checks by the authorities in charge, it will be sufficient to show the documentation certifying the invitation to the entrance by the Vicariate of Rome.

These vehicles will be able to access the LTZ A and B only to reach the Vatican City State, without the possibility of stops or stops for the descent of passengers, upon communication of the license plate number to Roma Mobilità.

LTZ permits A and B differ according to transit areas and parking areas.

Permits A and B

Permits A and B allow the circulation of tourist coaches in the respective areas of the capital LTZ A and B, where zone B corresponds to the city center within the Aurelian Walls (former LTZ AF1, excluding the historic center which becomes area C) and zone A is that around the B and inside the GRA (former LTZ 2).

Buses in possession of permit A or B, where permitted by the traffic regulations in force, can make a short stop only for the time strictly necessary for the operations of ascent and descent of passengers at hotels, restaurants, accommodation facilities, schools, offices and museums located in the territory falling within the aforementioned LTZ A and B.

There will also be the new permits A1, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B51, B52, B53, B54 which include the authorization for a short or long parking in specific authorized areas, with a limited number of daily permits released for the morning or afternoon.

Permits B – Colosseum Area

For the stop in Colosseum area it will be necessary to have a specific daily permit that is released subject to availability for the requested time, as reservation is required with a quota limit of permits, in particular:

  1. B5 - 18 every 30 minutes
  2. B51 - 190 per day (95 up to 01.30PM and 95 from 01.30PM)
  3. B52 - 30 per day (15 up to 01.30PM and 15 from 01.30PM)
  4. B53 - 100 per day (50 up to 01.30PM and 50 from 01.30PM)
  5. B54 - 100 per day (50 up to 01.30PM and 50 from 01.30PM)

Permits B - Vatican Area

For the stop in Vatican area, the same regulations apply for the Colosseum area with the possibility of requesting the following permits:

  1. A1 - 72 per day (36 up to 01.30PM and 36 from 01.30PM)
  2. B1 - 190 per day (95 up to 01.30PM and 95 from 01.30PM)
  3. B2 - 30 per day (15 up to 01.30PM and 15 from 01.30PM)
  4. B3 - 100 per day (50 up to 01.30PM and 50 from 01.30PM)
  5. B4 - 100 per day (50 up to 01.30PM and 50 from 01.30PM)

Outside of Colosseum and Vatican areas, these permits are valid as permits A and B, so they allow a short stop, hourly parking and long stay parking in the authorized areas.

Authorization C

Authorization C is required for access and circulation in the historical center called LTZ BUS C, with no charges respect to the permits B.

Tourist buses can’t enter the zone C, except in some cases and in particular:

  1. transport of primary school pupils on a school trip to places of interest located within the LTZ C, according to a limit set at 30 daily permits until exhaustion;
  2. transport of groups for or from hotels located within the C area and with a number of rooms equal to or greater than 40, according to a limit set at 30 daily permits until exhaustion, limited only to the transfer activity from or to the hoPhone:

This authorization allows circulation in the LTZ BUS C for a period of 60 minutes starting from the entrance in the same area, in order to allow the transit and the stop for the descent or ascent of passengers.

In case of school trips, a 60-minute authorization is granted for the entry transfer into the zone C and a similar authorization of the same duration for the exit transfer.

Authorization C must be requested online on the official website of Roma Mobilità within 5 working days prior to the entry date, providing suitable documentation issued by the structure concerned. In case of permits requested at the check-point, authorization C is requested at the same time and released subject to residual availability.

Permit G – Great Event

The permit G - Great Event is issued for the bus access and cirulation exclusively in the LTZ BUS A or in the conference venue area, only for events authorized by the Municipality of Rome on certain dates.

Events can be lay or religious, for which a special plan is applied in order to allow a better reception of participants and coaches parking in dedicated areas.

Prices of LTZ permits of Rome

Rates of LTZ permits of Rome indicated in the new Coach Plan 2019 are established in Resolution no. 55/2018.

Please note that the Municipality of Rome has delegated the activity of issuing LTZ bus permits to Roma Servizi per la Mobilità S.r.l., on whose official website you will find both the complete legislation and contacts for any information.