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Coach Hire Quote

Coach Hire Quote

If you are organizing a group trip and you want to know the details to get the best quote for coach hire, this is the article for you.

You will find below all the suggestions to carefully evaluate a quote for a rental with driver and, if you wish, you can contact us for further clarifications and our staff will be happy to answer all your questions!

In this article we also show you all the information we need to provide you with the best quote in the shortest time.

Necessary information

The services that can be requested to a bus rental company are many, all customized according to the needs, choosing a time and place of departure, an itinerary in the city or outside, schedule stops and plan guided tours.

Depending on your needs, you can ask from a simple transfer to a disposal in the city, half day or full day, a daily excursion outside Rome or a multi-day tour.

If you need a simple transfer from Fiumicino airport to the hotel in Rome, or from Civitavecchia port to the hotel or airport, or a transfer into the city center, in any case the information needed to request a quote are:

  1. Service date, time and place of departure;
  2. Flight arrival number at the airport or name of the cruise ship for transfer from the port;
  3. Transfer destination;
  4. Number of people;
  5. Number of luggage and size (suitcase 20 kilos/44 pound or higher).

On the other hand, if you need a coach for a tour of the beauties of the capital or a disposal more hours for an event, it will be important to know, in addition to date and time of departure, the pick-up place (hotel name or railway station or other), the itinerary of the visit in order to check if the route is within the LTZ (limited traffic zone), also indicating the ending time of the service.

For multi-day trips it will be important to provide all the above information with a detailed daily program specifying the cities to visit every day, overnight hotels, any extra services provided such as guided tours, entrances and booked restaurants.

If you want to plan all the daily trips carefully, we recommend that you contact us first, because the number of kilometers that you can travel by the coach in one day is different from those of a car and therefore you can often exceed the maximum working time of the driver required by the current legislation.

For multi-day trips we remind you that the cost for meals and hotel accommodation for the driver are always paid by the group, with accommodation in a single room.

If you need a coach equipped with a lift for disabled people, it is important to report it in your request and above all to inform us with an advance of several months.

Once these information are collected, the next step is to send us the request for an estimate by e-mail.

What affects the rental price

As you know, the rental with driver is a personalized and tailor-made service, reserved and exclusive only for the group requesting it, traveling comfortably seated in armchairs and in complete relaxation, unlike the scheduled public service which has pre-arranged timetables, fixed fare tickets and travel with other random passengers, stops in transit, often not comfortable and standing trips, etc.

To calculate a rental price, many factors are taken into account, as each request for a quote is strictly personalized and in addition to the parameters mentioned above, the routes, the difficulty of the itinerary and the number of stops, motorway tolls, TLZ and parking in the cities to visit and much more, so you will hardly find companies that display their standard rates on their website.

The number of seats on the bus certainly affects the final fare, on equal terms a 50-seat touristic coach has a greater cost than a 16 or 30-seater minibus, but the difference between the various capacities will not be much, so the spending for each passenger will certainly be higher for a trip with a smaller vehicle, while it will be optimized for transport with a 50-seat coach.

There are some web portals that offer an immediate comparison of prices for coach hire, but be careful because the availability especially below date is not guaranteed and the shown prices are not final, because they don't include the costs of LTZ permits, parking and don't take into account the duration of a service, if the driver exceed the daily hours and then if you need a second driver, or it may happen to quote two separate transfers on the same day while it is better a disposal, etc.

The lowest price is not always the only factor to choose the company to rely on, so we recommend evaluating the completeness of the offered service and all info given you, before and during the service as the assistance 24h, something you will never find in a web portal.

We are sure that direct contact makes the difference and our experience can confirm it!

How to choose the company

The choice of the company to rely on for transport may seem difficult, there are many results you can find from a simple web search, so you ask yourself: how to choose the right one?

You can choose to give priority to a company located near the place of departure or destination of your route, so as to reduce the costs related to travel time, since this is one of the factors that affect the calculation of the rental price.

For example, if you have to make a daily excursion from Rome to Florence and back, you certainly need to contact a coach hire company in Rome like ours, or if you have organized a tour of the capital you will hardly contact a company based out of town.

Always consider that a coach coming from outside the city could have traffic problems to reach the pick-up location with consequent delays, or in case of a breakdown it would be impossible to replace the vehicle in a short time, especially the empty route affects the rental price that makes it rise according to the time taken and kilometers traveled.

l'importanza delle recensioni nel preventivo

In choosing the company, a good habit is to read feedback on Google left by previous customers, both Italian and foreign, choosing from the best that have a 5-star rating, you can also look for its presence in Facebook where photos and useful news are updated, you can find notice about events in the area, information of the moment and follow the page to stay up to date.

Our advice is to avoid sending the same request to a multitude of companies, rates are usually fairly aligned, prices may differ slightly, but the difference lies in the information that a company provides you, the speed in response , staff preparation, availability, advice and help offered you.

The service confirmation

Once you have sent the quote request by email and received the offer, check if you need more information, then you just have to decide whether to confirm it or not.

The service confirmation will be sent by email to have a written traceability that protects both parties, so as not to have problems or future discussions.

To complete the booking, we will also inform you about the payment method that you can choose by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card.

At this point we wish you a safe journey with Noleggio Bus Roma srl and do not hesitate to contact us if you need a coach hire quote.