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Jubilee for Boys and Girls by coach Rome 23-25 April 2016

ubilee for Boys and Girls and tours by coach Rome

In the year of Jubilee of Mercy from December 8th, 2015 to November 20th, 2016, in Rome from 23 to 25 April 2016 will be a largest event dedicated to Jubilee for Boys and Girls organized by Pope Francis to build new paths with adolescents aged 13 to 16 and launch new proposals, but the common thread is always the Mercy.

It will be a great opportunity for all children to meet with others from around the world, who will go to Rome and Vatican to participate in the great gathering.

Also for this important event there will be a road disciplines specially designed for the jubilee and we invite all visitors to stay up to date with our website www.noleggiobusroma.eu.

For Jubilee for Boys and Girls of 2016, our company Noleggio Bus Roma Srl has buses and minibuses for the transport of groups from the hotels to meeting places and for other city tours that you can customize.

You can send your request for quote and reservations for coach hire, minibuses and cars by email to info@noleggiobusroma.eu.

Calendar of Jubilee for Boys and Girls

On April 23, 2016 there will be the Pilgrimage of Mercy: children groups will leave from Castel Sant'Angelo with the reading the word of God and meditation, they will walk along Via della Conciliazione through a penitential path leading to self-examination of one's life.

Once in St. Peter's Square, childrens will receive the sacrament of reconciliation by the priests present there, and only after the confession, they will continue the path through the Holy Door to reach the Altar of the Confession and recite the profession of faith at the Tomb of St. Peter.

In the same evening there will be the Youth Rally at the Olympic Stadium, a large gathering for all boys and girls who will share together the joy of finding themselves in Rome for this global event.

On April 24, 2016 in the morning there will be the Holy Mass with Pope Francis in Saint Peter's Square, the most important celebration of the meeting between Pope Francis and boys.

On Monday April 25, 2016 (National Holiday in Italy) and in the leisure of the previous days, in some places and squares in Rome people will talk about seven works of mercy, both corporal and spiritual.

Some people will be witnesses of charity and will talk about their experiences to help young people understand what is the mercy, in order to be able to translate it into concrete gestures of everyday life.

To know what will be the meeting places and scheduled appointments, all young people will receive the pilgrim's kit, including a map showing the jubilee itinerary and appointments with the narrative of mercy's experience.

For transfers between the various places of religious events, you can book in advance a luxury coaches, reserved for the group during your stay.